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Bar Mitzvah Planning Tips
Here's a place for Bar Mitzvah planning families to read up on the latest tips and trends.
Top 5 Bar Mitzvah Budgeting Tips
By Delila Edelmann
Los Angeles , USA
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Yeah right, this one ain't easy, and we know that this is a huge party, and it seems as if you're supposed to invite everyone you know. Fine, but if you're struggling to squeeze it all together, cutting back on the bar mitzvah guest list is the best way to cut costs. Keep the following in mind:

* Remember to Be Fair. If you are planning a party that includes kids and adults, try to keep the balance between your friends and the bar mitzvah child's friends. Sit down and write up your bar mitzvah guest "wish list" and figure out between yourselves who absolutely needs to be there. Also, kid's meals are cheaper than adult meals, so you might be able to load more kids onto your bar mitzvah guest list without going over budget.

* Don't cut the guest list by planning for no-shows. You're much better off being surprised by the number of guests who decline and getting to invite some new people a little late in the game than being overwhelmed when all of your guests accept your invitation, leaving you with more people than chairs.

Saturday night is a super hot Bar Mitzvah night - yeah party!!! - but it's also the most expensive night to celebrate, because you'll be competing with weddings, anniversaries, etc, and most vendors and service providers charge top dollar for Saturday evenings. It's the busiest day of the week, and it's the night these vendors try to cash in.

* If you must have your bar mitzvah on a Saturday night, make sure you jump on the task of planning good and early, and there might be a chance to cut a deal, save some cash if you book way in advance. We can't stress this enough, available vendors and locations on Saturdays get booked up super fast, so it's best to get out there as soon as possible to seek out the finest bar mitzvah vendors.

* You can also think about having your bar mitzvah on an off night, or maybe have a daytime bar mitzvah. You'll not only likely have a better selection of people and places to choose from, you'll also save some cash when hiring bar mitzvah vendors.

Have you thought about taking care of some things on your own to save money? We understand that there's already tons to do - the planning of a bar mitzvah is no little task, but taking some time to figure out what party details you can do yourselves could make up for in cash what they take up in time.

* Here's a D.Y.I Tip - If you plan on hiring a rental company and a bar mitzvah planner to dress your tables for you, think about doing that part of the bar mitzvah reception yourself. Go to a discount fabric store and pick out similar material. Ask around, bring a friend, get some help with the sewing, just cut the edges to make it neat, and put them over plain or white-clothed tables, and presto, you're done.

Having your party at home is a smart way to save if you're having a small-size bar mitzvah, but if you're planning a big, formal bash, it's probably best to look for a venue suited for bar mitzvahs.

* Keep this mind Do It Yourselfers: Most people do not have a lighting rig, a dance floor, tables and chairs, the flatware, and a full catering kitchen accommodate a party of 125, so you'll be renting everything from bar mitzvah vendors, and there will be a price to pay to have it all delivered and set up. So, finding a location that has an all inclusive deal will be a smarter move for big parties. They'll be able to provide you with many of your needs, from cups and plates to tables and chairs, and since these types of places hold events often, they'll also have connections when it comes to helping you find the other event pros you need.

It's time to ask yourself, what is most important? What aspect of my child's bar mitzvah do I really want to shine? The food? The music? The bar mitzvah photography or videography?

* Make a list of all the vendors you will need to hire, then put a special mark next to the ones that you think are special. Is the bar mitzvah entertainment most important? - put a star next to that on your list.

* Invest your time and money on all the items and activities at the top of your list - the aspects with the most stars. As for the stuff that sits at the bottom of your list, be frugal where possible, but don't forget to make sure your bar mitzvah guests are still comfortable, well fed, happy and well informed. Don't skip the essentials because they're not the "fun" show stoppers.
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